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The investor will get back deposit body and profit percentages after 7 days
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MAX - 50 000$


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The investor will get a daily profit of 0,83% and after 30 days deposit body
MIN - 20$
MAX - 2 500$


130/30 days
The investor will get a daily profit of 1% and after 30 days deposit body
MIN - 2 501$
MAX - 50 000$

road to Capital-Betting

How it all began and how we became a reliable partner in betting on eSports.

I first became acquainted with computer games at the beginning of the 21st century. For several years I played absolutely everything, from quests to network shooters. In those years, the Internet was not as common as in our days. Then he was very expensive and very slow. The concept of “unlimited Internet” was in principle unavailable to users, and the proposed tariff plans included only a hundred or two megabytes per month.

Therefore, my favorite computer games, in which there was multiplayer, my friends and I played on the local network, creating a server on our home computers.

Cybersport burst into my life suddenly. This happened already in those years when I graduated from the university, got a job and generally no longer interested in computer games. Accidentally stumbled upon the record of one championship, I repeatedly revised it, admiring the fact that now computer games can be not only entertainment, but also a source of income.


The question of eSports interested me so seriously that I began to study this topic more deeply and found out that tournaments and championships are held much more often than one would expect. Teams make huge money. And, characteristically, eSports is tied to the games in which I once played with great pleasure.

What is called, I am "hooked" on watching the championships. Sometimes he even went to the cinema in which these events were shown online. But what attracted me in this matter is particularly strong is the fact that you can make bets on eSports just like any other sport.

Once, watching a regular tournament and watching the teams, their manner and tactics of the game, I thought that if the behavior of the players does not change, then I know who will win. And I even know with what kind of account. Can you imagine my surprise when, at the end of the tournament, it became clear that I had hit the bull's eye? I predicted the victory and was right! And at that moment I thought that if I had made a bet, I could have already won. But this was not the last game


I began to make my first bets, which brought me money, with varying success back in 2012. I will not lie to you and tell you that I always guessed the top ten. What in a matter of months earned himself a BMW. This is not true. I made modest bets, the gain was not so great either. Yes, and it was not always, because not all of my assumptions and forecasts were justified.

Approximately 1.5 years in this matter nothing has changed. And I began to think that e-sports bets will remain my hobby, which I will be engaged in in my free time. But one case, however banal it might sound, changed everything.

On the eve of one game on one of the forums, I watched a heated discussion of two people who positioned themselves as professional analysts. I will not retell the essence, I will say right away on the case - one of them guessed the bill. And then I thought, but what if you act together? We could increase the percentage of successful forecasts. And we did it!

In the coming year, our duet rapidly increased, first becoming a trio, then a quartet, and then a football team. Having united in a team, we have developed our own method of analyzing past games in order to predict the results of the following. This significantly reduced the percentage of unsuccessful rates. And once we came to the conclusion that the next step in the development of our team should be to attract investors.

From Team to "Capital-Betting"

We received our first investment for the development of our team in 2015. Having spent them with benefit and justifying the confidence shown to us by investors, we earned the first positive reputation, which became an excellent ground for creating a company and holding rates not with the money of our team, as it was before, but with the use of investor funds.

Today, in the sphere of e-sports bets, the name “Capital Betting” is widely known. Our team consists of several dozen analysts from Germany, Canada, Russia, Latvia and England. Each team member is an ardent fan of his business with at least 7 years of experience in the field of online sports betting.

Offering cooperation to investors at the international level, we have developed our own technologies that allow forecasting with an accuracy of 97.6%. In other words, out of every 100 bets made by us, 97 hit the target, bringing profit to our team and, accordingly, to our investors.

Looking back now, I can confidently say that I have done quite a long way from a computer game lover to the head of an international research company, whose employees are able not only to predict the outcome of a tournament, competition or championship in eSports, but also to provide everyone increase their personal capital.

"Capital-Betting" - a guaranteed return on your investment multiplied.

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"Capital-Betting" is guaranteed to multiply customer deposits, making effective bets on events in the world of eSports
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We bet, you - win

"Capital-Betting" predicts the result of tournaments, matches and championships using the author's software development. The predictions of artificial intelligence and the long-term experience of the team members provide each client with a return of the deposit and interest payments strictly within the stipulated time frame.

Cooperation scheme

The investor credits a deposit to our account by selecting one of the tariff plans.

7 days at 5%. Deposit and interest the investor receives after 7 days.

30 days at 125%. 0.83% income daily for 30 days. The investor can receive interest at any time, deposit - after 30 days.

30 days at 130%. 1% income daily for 30 days. The investor can receive interest at any time, deposit - after 30 days.

The amount of the deposit is at the discretion of the investor. The method of enrollment is any of the companies presented on the website.

Capital-Betting analysts place their bets.

Bets are made on events that occur exclusively in the world of cybersport. Each rate is based on analytical forecasts generated by artificial intelligence. Programs that predict the results of events in the world of cybersport are copyrighted by our programmers based on the experience of our analysts.

This approach to the issue of betting ensures their high efficiency.

The investor receives a profit and a deposit.

Payments are made strictly according to the conditions described in the tariff plan. For all the time Capital-Betting has been operating, there has not been a single case where a deposit has not been returned to the investor or no payments have been made.

We work honestly. And the reputation of our team is not an empty phrase.

Deposits and interest of investors are protected by a reserve fund.

During its work, our team was able to create a cash reserve fund in case of unforeseen circumstances or loss of a bet. It is from this fund, subject to the situations listed above, that payments made to investors are made.

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